Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Events of 2013 thus far...

We haven't had a very eventful year... this weather has made me quite the hermit, but here is a little of what we have been up to...
Visiting Grandma Allen
Building a Snowman

New Years Eve

We had a fun New Years Eve playing games and hanging out. The kids had a blast! They thought it was so fun to stay up and have lots of snacks. Here are a few pictures of them celebrating the new year, New York time.


This year for Christmas Shaylie got a doll/barbie house and a dreamlite. All she wanted was a dreamlite and she was super excited to get it. Ozzy got a police car to drive around (cozy coupe) and some blocks that Curtis made for him. We had a great Christmas and the kids were spoiled rotten from cousins, grandparents and each other. Before opening presents
Opening her dollhouse
The dollhouse and Ozzy's car

Lang Family Christmas Party

This year we had a fun Family Christmas Party with the Lang's. We did a fun gift exchange and the kids got to make their own ornaments.


Santa came to our ward party. Shockingly enough, both kids went to him no problem... both were a little shy but neither cried. I was shocked. Shaylie refused to wear regular clothes. She insisted on dressing up for Santa. She also drew him a picture. Cute little girl.